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Memories of the Birmingham Superprix

Hello, I have just registered in this forum because I am an avid fan of the Birmingham Superprix so I am hoping to find more information from you. In the past few years, I have been collecting and researching information relating anything about the Birmingham Superprix.

I have used the search function and PMed some members here but one person suggested to me that I should set up a thread to get more response from you guys about what you know about or your experiences of attending the Birmingham Superprix.

A little snippet of information here:

In 1985, the Birmingham City Council passed the Birmingham Road Race Bill, which allowed the Birmingham Superprix for Formula 3000 cars to be held on a circuit of closed streets near the city centre for two days during the August Bank Holiday. Previously, all motor racing on the public streets of mainland Britain had been outlawed (unless specifically allowed for in private legislation).

The first Superprix was held in 1986 and was subjected to torrential rain. After extensive delays, this first race was run to a reduced distance. Over the next few years, races featured numerous accidents and the excessive noise over the course of the weekend proved to be unpopular with some members of the local community. The races were also commercially unsuccessful, so for 1991 plans were proposed for the race to be organised privately on an extended 3-mile circuit. However, these plans were never implemented and the race was dropped from the calendar. At present, the Birmingham circuit remains the only street course to have been established on the British mainland.
I took some photos of the old street track and put them up in this website.

I got a lot of photos and even video footage from 1985-1990. So if anyone need their memory jogged up, let me know so I can post a relevant photo! So hopefully you can share your experiences in this thread.

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