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Originally Posted by Hazard View Post
No idea. And generally, the only people we'd trust at this point would be those already in the championship - and only then if they were Team Dynamics, West Surrey Racing, Triple Eight or Ray Mallock Ltd.

Dodgy game this touring cars.

- We expect Team Dynamics to be there - most certainly with the Civic again.
- We expect West Surrey Racing to be there if the RAC money stays, and with BMW's.
- We hope that Triple Eight will be there, running the old Vectra still - though whispers have been mentioned around Kia's.
- Don't expect Ray Mallock to be there unless a big sponsorship drive turns up. If it does, maybe in the 2009 WTCC Cruze's - it'll be good timing as the car will just be turning up here (so maybe with Chevrolet backing?).

Kia's and Chevrolet's, hmmm. Does that sound like the Scrappage Touring Car Championship to you?
What about Motorbase?There's a big feature about them in last week's Autosport magazine, surely they'll be back again?
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