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How can I report a problem with the site?
We have a forum here specifically for reporting issues.

Please read the forum posting rules before responding.

Remember, you catch a lot more flies with honey than with vinegar so be nice!!

Why hasn't anyone answered my PM/Email?
Probably because they're not online 24/7 just waiting for contact from you! Or maybe they're on holiday? Sick? Busy?

All staff, including the site owners, have full time jobs completely unrelated to Ten-Tenths. We also have other things to do that don't involve being on Tenths all the time.

For that reason, you may not get an immediate, or even slightly delayed, response.

The minimum time you should wait for a response before seeking further assistance is 24 hours. If you have not received a response by then, you can then contact another moderator for assistance. Please do not start threads about how you are being ignored/your problem isn't being resolved etc. etc. It serves no purpose other than to irritate us and won't get your problem resolved any faster.

Before you get into contact, please ensure that you have PM/Email function activated for your Profile (see your user CP). If you don't have anything to reply to, then you won't get a response!

The keyword to remember at all times when you feel like complaining about something is "volunteer". So be polite and try to have some regard for the fact that we're not here solely for your benefit!

I lost my password, what can I do?
If you forget your password, you can click on the 'Forgotten Your Password' link on any page that requires you to fill in your password.

This will bring up a page where you should enter your registered email address, and an email will be sent to that address instantly, with instructions for resetting your password.

I want to change my user name!
The only way to change your user name is to ask an admin to do it for you. This is quite time-consuming for us so we will only do it if there is a valid reason for it. If you would like to request a name change you can contact any of the forum admins.

There's an error in the Calendar information
The calendar is kept updated by our Calendar Moderator. All information is as correct as we can possibly make it, but we're only human so sometimes errors occur.

If you spot an error, please contact the Calendar Moderator by PM with details and once verified, the Calendar will be updated

As with everything on Tenths, the Calendar Mod is a volunteer so please note that your request make take a little time to action!

How do I report objectionable behaviour ?

Whilst we will endeavour to always have at least one forum moderator, a super moderator or an administrator available 24 hours a day, we cannot be in all places at once, so we request your assistance in alerting us to the occasional objectional post which may appear. We have put two systems in place to allow you to do this quickly and easily.

Should you come across a single objectional post, you should click the 'Report Bad Post' icon on the individual post. This will dispatch a note to the individual forum moderator alerting them of the post, and they will check into it as soon as possible.

Should you come across a number of posts which you think are against our forum rules, or you believe a post deserves immediate removal, take a look at our Forum Leaders page and contact one of the Staff Members who are currently on-line.

My post count is all wrong!
Before you make a complaint, please check where you've been posting.

Some forums do not count towards your overall posting count. Forums in this category at present are Parc Ferme and Cool Sites.

Also, if you ever contributed to the old "Gravel Trap" forum, you will find that posts you made in there also do not appear in your post count.

If you have not posted in these areas and you believe your count is still wrong, please contact a Moderator.

If I feel I have been unfairly treated by a member of staff/I have a complaint about a staff member's behaviour - who do I contact?

If you are unhappy with the way you have been treated by a member of staff, or are unhappy with the performance of a member of staff, the first thing we would ask you to do is speak to the staff member directly. Alternatively, the majority of forums have more than one moderator so contact one of the other moderators on the forum. However, please ensure that you have read our FAQ prior to doing so - particularly with regard to posts being edited or with regard to the warning system.

However, if you are not comfortable with doing so - or have already done so and are unhappy with the response - please contact the Admin Team. Give brief details of the problem and links to the specific threads that you have had the problem with.

If you have a problem with an admin, then you can still contact the other admins. There are 3 at present.

We will do our best to deal with your query as quickly as possible, but please do remember that all our staff are volunteers and our online time is limited by our own offline lives! On this basis, please allow 72 hours for a response. If you have been waiting longer than that, contact another staff member.

I have followed the complaints procedure but I am still unhappy

If you have already been in touch with the Admin Team and have received a response, you can assume that all Admins have agreed on that response.

If you are not happy with that response, unfortunately, that is the last "court of appeal". If the entire Admin Team have agreed on a response to your complaint, then the issue is closed.

I requested (insert request here) and it hasn't been done yet/my query hasn't been answered yet
Reponses to queries and necessary changes on Tenths happen as quickly as we can make them happen. Whether that be an error in the calendar, something weird happening that needs to be changed - or even something as simple as updating a forum moderator name because someone has joined or left.

What you need to remember is that Tenths is run entirely by volunteers. That means that we all have "day jobs" and lives offline. We will do our best to provide updates as quickly and efficiently as possible but sometimes it takes a little while to get things sorted out.

It would be a wonderful world if we could make Tenths the kind of site where we could afford to pay people to update it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but sadly we live in the real world and can only give it as much time as we have available...... after we've done the little trivial things like paying the mortgage, eating, spending a bit of quality time with our families etc. etc.!!! We do our best, but please bear with us! :)

My Question(s) have not been answered in this FAQ!
If you're sure the answer you are looking for is not here, then please go to the Announcement & Feedback forum and post your question there.

What do I do if I feel my organisation has been the victim of defamatory comments?

If you have a genuine concern regarding a post that you feel may be defamatory, you can contact the site admins at webmaster@ten-tenths.com Please ensure that you send the email from a domain that is associated with the organisation that you represent.

Please ensure that you include a link to the post, an explanation as to why you feel it is defamatory and details of why you are authorised to make such a complaint on behalf of the company/organisation you represent.

We will do our best to deal with your query as quickly as possible, but please do remember that all our staff are volunteers and our online time is limited by our own offline lives! On this basis, please allow 72 hours for a response. If you have been waiting longer than that, contact another staff member.

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