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You agreed, when you originally registered for the forum, that you will not use this BB to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. You also agreed not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you.

Please note that by copyrighted material, we mean any and all material that a copyright is owned on. This includes written information, pictorial information and information copied and pasted in from other areas of the internet. Basically, if you didn't write the text or take the photo yourself and you don't have written permission to reproduce it from the person that did - then it's copyrighted material that should not be posted to this site.

Posts where the main point of the post is a link to an article on another website or forum are also not acceptable unless it's within context. Whether or not it's in context is at the discretion of the forum moderators.

Post to links containing footage of fatal accidents will be removed, poster will be subject to warnings and possibly a ban. While we appreciate that this type of footage is freely available on the web, Ten-Tenths will not participate in the promoting and glorification of these types of clips. This is a Motorsport forum. Every time someone dies, we lose a member of our extended family and we have a zero tolerance policy for using death as a form of entertainment. It is understood that sometimes clips of this nature can and must be used for the purposes of safety and training - but a clip that is being used for this purpose will not be posted on YouTube. Please show some empathy and consideration for the friends, family and colleagues of those who have died - and for those who had to deal with the incident - and do not post these links on the public forum.

Clarification: By posting on Ten-Tenths you agree that you are contributing to a database and grant the owners of the database permission to publish your content. Content includes any text or images uploaded to the Ten-Tenths database. You also agree that the database owners are under no obligation to delete or remove your submitted content.

Can I promote my race event?

A single post/thread may be created to promote a single race event.

If you are going to use Tenths to promote your race event then please consider promoting Tenths, either on your event website or by inclusion of our logo and URL in your program.

For events that are willing to promote Tenths we would be happy to discuss things such as "sticky" threads, site-wide promotion, etc.

Contact grant.macdonald@royalridge.biz for further details.

Please respect the fact that no-one on this forum speaks every language under the sun and, as such, we are quite strict about all posts being made in English. Any posts made in French, German, Spanish, Portugese or ANY other language will be removed without notice. The reasons for this are very simple: how are we to keep a check on what a user is saying if we don't speak his or her language?

Acceptable Behaviour
If you don't agree with what someone is posting, fine - that's what a discussion forum is all about! Just don't let it turn into a 'bar room brawl' forum. The cardinal rule is "attack the post, not the poster". Always treat people with the same level of respect which you yourself would expect - flaming is NOT permitted. Period.

We take a very dim view of 'trolls' who come here simply to disrupt the forum. Activities deemed as Trolling include (but are not restricted to):

  • Flooding the board with comments coming from a single point of view in pretty much every posting made.
  • Posting something which is against our forum rules.
  • Posting something deliberately inflamatory - either to start a "flame war" or simply to cause difficulties for the moderators.
  • Posting continuous snide comments about another user.
  • Posting continuous criticism of mods and their moderating.*
  • Behaviour which is continually disruptive to the general membership of the forum.

If you wish to cause discontent amongst your fellow posters, please go elsewhere and find another place to hang out.

Any of the above may be grounds for an instant ban without warning if the rule breach is serious enough.

* this is not to say that you may not criticise a moderator, or how the site is run! Please see our section on the complaints process for information on how to deal with a problem constructively

What happens if I break the rules?
There are various methods on Tenths to deal with rule breaches.

For serious rule breaches, we may choose to suspend or ban a user immediately. However, this is only in severe cases.

Can I have more than one login/username?
No. We do not allow multiple profiles on Ten-Tenths. If you are having difficulty accessing the site and for any reason are unable to use our "forgotten password" system, you can email webmaster@ten-tenths.com to get your account reactivated.

Users who are found to have more than one profile will have their profiles merged into one. Persistent offenders will find all their profiles banned.

Freedom of Speech

Remember, despite what you may believe, speech on the internet is not free. Someone is paying for the server, the bandwidth and the software licences as well as giving up their leisure time to ensure the system works. None of these items are free - or even cheap!

This forum is not provided as right, but as a privilege.

As a privately owned, financed and operated website, we are not covered by 'Freedom Of Speech' legislation. The rules we have in place are to protect the site, and to provide the most pleasant chatting environment we can.

If you wish to say things that are in breach of our rules, then you will be subject to our rules system.

If you still feel that your "Freedom Of Speech Rights" are being violated then please click here for further details.


Ten-Tenths is a privately owned website which is supported by legitimate advertising. As such, we do not permit non-authorised advertising within the forums.

If you wish to advertise a service, please visit our "Advertising Opportunities" section for more information.

If you wish to advertise an event, please contact our Calendar Moderator who will be happy to put your event in the Events Calendar.

In general, we allow announcements of motorsport events within related forums. However, this is at the Forum Moderators' discretion and abuse of this facility will lead to privileges being revoked!

Spamming of the forums in any format is not permitted and will result in an immediate ban.

Links to Ebay sale items where the intent of the post is to assist in selling the item are permitted.

If you are a member "in good standing" and have an item for sale you may post an advert for it ONCE in a suitable forum.

Can I promote my website/forum/facebook group/twitter feed/blog?

In order to prevent each forum getting inundated with links, we have a forum named "Cool Sites" where you may post your link.

It is acceptable to post a link into a thread where is is appropriate. For instance, should someone ask "Does anyone know the address of the (insert organisation here) website" then a URL posted in response is fine. Links should only be posted to live websites that contain the information referred to. However, we do not generally allow links to other forums. Exceptions may be made for something relevant to the discussion, but please check with the Moderator of the forum before you post.

We do not allow website addresses in Thread Titles.

We do not allow URLs in signatures.

Promotion of other motorsport forums, newsgroups, facebook groups etc. is not permitted.

Can I promote my organisation/worthy cause/charity/survey etc.?

Promotion of specific charitable events will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If it's motorsport related, then please clear the post with the forum mod.

For more general charitable events, please contact the administrators with details and we will advise where the post can be made.

For surveys, thesis, dissertations etc. please also contact the forum moderators or site administrators before posting any requests or links.

Failure to do this, especially posting multiple times in multiple forums, will lead to being removed from the site.

Why do my posts have words converted to asterisks (*) ?

This is a family forum, and we wish it to remain that way. To this end, we have put in place an 'auto censor' which will censor your posts based on certain words. These words will be blanked out with stars (*) in your posts.

This censoring is done by a computer simply searching for words, and is by no stretch of the imagination 'intelligent', so occasionally you may find parts of perfectly innocent words get censored. If this happens to you, please let us know.

Please note that using "alternative" spellings for expletives to dodge the autocensor is not permitted and may result in action being taken by the forum mods.

Chat Room
The Tenths chat room is an extension of the forum board. As with all other areas of Tenths, it is moderated by operators.

Please note that bad behaviour in the chat area of Tenths will be treated in exactly the same way as bad behaviour on the forum. Continued bad behaviour within the chat area may result in both withdrawal of chat and forum privileges.

Can I run a competition?
There is nothing to prevent you running a competition if you want to. However, it cannot be called a "Ten-Tenths" competition without the permission of the Admin Team.
This is to ensure that it's possible to differentiate between official Ten-Tenths competitions where a prize is offered and competitions that are not associated directly with the site.
Please note that competitions are subject to the same rules as the rest of the site, so promotion of competitions being run on other forums (this includes MSN or Yahoo groups) is not permitted.
Promotion of third party / Facebook competitions is not allowed unless previously approved by the Admin team.
If you would like to run a competition in association with Ten-Tenths, please contact the Admin team with details. Requests will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Why has (insert name here) been banned?
Sorry, we don't discuss the details of individual bans. If a user has been banned, then it's because of a rule breach. For confidentiality reasons, we don't discuss the reason for the ban with anyone except the person who's been banned. We will always do our best to resolve an issue before it gets to the stage of banning someone - but sometimes, Tenths is simply not a good fit for a person and we have to allow for that.

If you have a genuine concern about a ban, you can contact a staff member if you feel it's appropriate. But they will not be able to give you any further information. Please don't start threads about "why was someone banned" as we are not in a position to give you a response.

I have a press release.....

Please do not post whole press releases in your posts. We have a dedicated News section for these.

If you have a press release that you want putting on the site please send it to press@ten-tenths.com This will enable the team of press release editors to put it up on the site. Also please refer to the submission guidelines on the website for more information.

Why has my post been edited/removed?

If your post has been edited or removed, then it is because one of the Moderators deemed it to be in breach of forum rules. Due to the large volume of posts, it is simply not possible for Moderators to contact every member every time a modification is made. Please don't expect them to do so and please do not start public threads about "Why was my post removed"

If you are genuinely unsure of the reason, please contact one of the Moderators for the Forum you posted in.

Who is in charge of these forums ?

Our forums are administered by a team of Forum Moderators and Administrators who have been chosen for their people skills, as well as their location around the world. We aim to always have at least one member of staff on the forums - whatever the time of day.

Forum Moderators (or 'Race Officials' as they are known) control individual forums. They can edit, delete, or move any posts in their own forum, but their main aim is to encourage chat and debate in their given forum. If you have a question about a particular forum, you should direct it to the relevant forum moderator.

Super Moderators are a cross between a moderator and an administrator. We have promoted a number of 'forum moderators' to 'super moderators' in order to provide additional cover at times when a forum administrator may be unavailable. They are able to edit/delete/move any topic in any forum.

Administrators (or 'Clerk Of The Course') are responsible for the overall running of the entire forum network. They are specifically responsible for removing objectional posts, banning troublesome users, and generally ensuring things run smoothly. If you have a problem with the way forum moderators are running their individual forum, please take it up with one of our administrators, but make sure you have your protest fee handy!

Unauthorised Access
You, your ISP and/or hosting provider agree to pay Ten-Tenths motorsport €10 for each attempt at unauthorised access to the Ten-Tenths internet servers.

Please be aware that any threatened legal action against the owners, administrators, moderators or members of this website will instantly result in your account here being permanently banned from future participation -- regardless of the issue.

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