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Treat others as you would wish to be treated
This is the most important one. Do you like being flamed? Do you like your threads hijacked? Would you like to be spoken to the way you speak to others?

If you're really inflamed by someone's post, then don't answer it immediately. Go look at some other threads. Go have a cup of tea. Go for a jog with the dog. But don't type angry! Remember, you only have 10 minutes to edit your post - after that, you're stuck with it unless you can persuade a mod to remove it! You'll find you can give a much more measured response if you give yourself a timeout before responding.

You also need to decide if it's really worth responding. If this person is making you so angry, are they really worthy of your attention in the first place? Maybe you're better off just ignoring them! Sadly there will always be people who will make a statement simply to try and get a reaction. As long as you keep giving them attention, they'll keep doing it!

Remember the human! It's easy to forget that you're talking to real people sometimes. There are real people behind your screen reading your posts. Treat them as if they're sitting with you, not as if they've just cut you up in rush hour!

If you believe that a post has infringed site rules, them please use the "bad post" button to alert the moderators.

Attack the post, not the poster!
The oldest rule in the Ten-Tenths book!

Very simply, you can disagree with the subject matter, but never personally attack the poster.

Occasionally, we may all slip up on this one, but it is essential for friends to keep this in mind, even when they disagree.

Try not to take things personally
Don't be offended too easily!

If someone disagrees with your opinion, that doesn't mean that you should take it personally.

So they don't like Driver X, so what? So they hold a poor opinion of your country, so what? Feel free to put them straight - this is a discussion forum, after all - but always keep the rest of the posting guidelines in consideration when replying.

Be aware of "netiquette"
Netiquette can best be defined as internet forum good manners!

The main ones to remember would be:

  • DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS!!! This is the internet version of shouting and is considered rude.
  • Go easy on the colours and font sizes. They're there for occasional use - NOT for putting up huge posts in lurid colours!
  • Try and use good written English. TXT SPK is frowned upon. You have a full keyboard, so use it!
  • "Multiple exclamation marks - the sure sign of a diseased mind"! Go easy on the extensive punctuation. If you have 3 exclamation marks in, do you really need the other 15?????????
  • Don't quote large quantities of someone else's post, just to put a one line answer like "I agree". This is known as "Nodding dog Syndrome" and if done to excess, you may find you receive the attention of the moderation team
  • Don't paste in huge amounts of data from elsewhere. If you want people to look at something on the web that you've written, then paste a link!
  • Don't overuse smilies in your posts. One or two per post is quite enough!

Please follow this link for more general Rules of Netiquette.

Protect your own privacy and respect that of others

Please do be cautious about what personal information you give out to others - particularly in the public areas of the website. Sadly, not every person you meet on the internet will be benevolent and unwanted attentions can be very stressful.

Because of the generally good atmosphere on Tenths, it's very easy to relax and believe yourself amongst friends. It's true that those you chat with are probably friends, but bear in mind that it's not just the people who chat here who can see your posts. Anyone with an internet connection can do so.

The other side of this is to respect the privacy of others. No-one here is under any obligation to tell you every little detail about their life. Common courtesy and common sense should dictate what it is appropriate for you to ask on a public forum.

We're not trying to scare you, but you should treat the internet the same way you treat your daily life. If you wouldn't walk up to a stranger in the street and give them your address, the name of your pet gerbil and what sexual position you prefer, then it's not a good idea to do it on the internet either!

For the protection of our users, publically posted email addresses and phone numbers may be removed from posts at the discretion of the moderators

Making the most of your posts
Most people have limited time on the forum, so please keep that in mind when starting a new thread.

There is no point whatever in having 20 threads all devoted to Ferrari. Or McLaren. Or the evils of the current BTCC. Or whatever your personal preference is. All you're doing is making work for the mods.

Before posting, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the title descriptive?
  • Has the topic been covered before?
  • Am I happy for this thread to be a reflection of me?
  • Is this thread adding value to the forum, or am I desperate to have my name next to another one?

Remember, you want people to read your posts. If their experience of you is that you don't post anything they are interested in, then any thread you start will sink without trace!

Have some consideration for your fellow posters
Not everyone that comes to Tenths has a broadband connection. Yes there are still some people out there on dial up! Try to remember that if you are planning to display images in your posts. Keep them small both in visual size and also in data size.

If you want to display a pic that doesn't meet these requirements, then simply post a link instead of an image.

Make sure you're posting to the correct forum
Not everything related to what you're doing is necessarily appropriate to your "home" forum.

For instance, if you want to arrange a social event, post it to the Trackside Forum. If you want to post a Birthday Greeting, post it to Parc Ferme.

It helps everyone if you make sure that what you are posting is appropriate to the forum you are in.

Keep it clean!
Please remember this is a family forum and some younger members do read it.

If you wouldn't like to hear what you're posting coming from the mouth of a child , don't post it. Some innuendo can be quite clever and funny, but smut and explicit sexual references are crass and inappropriate.

Broaden your horizons!
Whether your main interest is F1, Aussie Racing, Club Racing or anything else, Tenths has a lot to offer. But don't limit yourself to your one area of interest.

Tenths has users from every motorsport discipline all over the world. Have a look in the other forums. You may find a whole new interest you've never even considered before!

Lead by example!
If you are a long-standing member please act like one. Lead by example and assist other newer members. We ask all our longer-standing members to use this opportunity to teach the newer members the appropriate way to use these message boards. Keep in mind; a board is only as good as its members!

Have fun!
Remember, this is all supposed to be fun!

If you're logging on to see if someone has slated you, or how the argument you started is progressing, odds are that Tenths is not the forum for you. Tough, but true.

If you're not having fun here anymore, or you're stopping others from enjoying the forum, it's time to find somewhere else to play. Most of us have enough stress in our personal, work or school life without getting more in our spare time.

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