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What is a User Reputation?
User Reputations are used to indicate the general opinion of someone's posts. Reputations can be good, mediocre or bad. Your reputation is based on two kinds of vote - positive and negative.

Positive votes may be cast by all users. Negative votes may only be cast by forum moderators.

What does a reputation mean?

Anyone with a positive rating will have green squares. The more squares, the higher the positive rating. Anyone with a negative rating will have red squares. The more squares, the lower the rating.

The actual reputation wording was put together by us to try and give a motorsport flavour. It doesn't really mean anything as such - it's just that we had to enter descriptions for the various levels!

What is voting "power"?
Your voting "power" is the ability to have an effect other users' ratings.

Users and Moderators "power" (the number of points that can add) is calculated based on:

  • Number of posts
  • Time on the forum
  • Current reputation points.

These basically average out between 5 and 10 for the majority of users and hit around 20 for the longest serving Moderators.
Remember that Negative Feedback from a Moderator only subtracts "half points".

Administrators have a fixed "power" that's slightly higher than the highest User power, currently it's set to 30 for both Positive and Negative Feedback but may be reviewed as necessary.
Negative Feedback from an Admin is a last resort but we may be more open with Positive Feedback.

How do I see another user's reputation?
In the side panel that contains a user's information in their post (name etc.) there should be a coloured square (or squares). If you hover your mouse pointer over the square(s), this will give you their current rating.

How do I add my vote to a user's reputation?
On the right hand side of the post, you should see an icon that looks like weighing scales.

Click on this and it will open a window which allows you to state if you agree with the post. You may also add a comment if you wish. Comments are only visible to the user you are rating.

How does my vote affect a user's rating?
Your vote will have a varying effect on a user's rating depending on your own. The higher your own rating and post count, the more impact you can have in improving another user's rating.

If you have a negative rating, your vote will have a voting power of zero, and will have no effect on the person you are voting for.

Your vote will also have a power of zero if you have less than 20 votes between the vote you are now casting for this person and the previous vote you casted for them.

Why should I vote for someone?

If you agree strongly with a person's post, are greatly impressed by it, or simply feel that it's interesting and adding to a constructive debate, then show your agreement by voting positively. You don't necessarily have to agree with the actual content. If you think it's well written and makes a good point, then that's another reason to provide positive feedback.

As with everything on Tenths, keep in mind the golden rule:

Vote for the post, not the poster

The object is to provide constructive feedback. So do use the comments box. If you're not prepared to put a comment against your vote, you're probably not voting for the right reasons.

If you are voting about the person, not the post, then you are voting for the wrong reasons!

Can I see if someone has voted about me?
Yes you can. In your main control panel, if you have any votes, you will see a box called "Latest Reputation Received".

  • Postive votes will show up as a green square.
  • Negative votes will show up as a red square.*
  • Neutral votes will show up as a grey square**
*A Negative vote may only be cast by a forum moderator.
**A Neutral vote is a vote that does not have any impact on your reputation. The person who voted did not have any voting "power".

Can I see who has voted for/against me?
No. That information is not available.

However, a log is kept of all votes, who made them and what comments they made. Admin staff can pull this log at any time in the event that a complaint is made.

We will not reveal who voted for whom, but we may use the information to intervene if we have a real suspicion of abuse.

What can I do if I get a negative vote?
If you have received a negative vote, it is from a forum moderator and will be prompted by how you have conducted yourself within a given post. Firstly, take another look at our Posting Guidelines and see if you can figure out what the problem may be. Negative votes should always be accompanied by a comment in any case, which should give you an indication of where the problem is.

If you're still in doubt, contact the moderator of the forum you posted to for further details.

Why do Moderators get a higher base rating?
Because they do good work and deserve an extra square.

Why do Administrators get a higher base rating?
Because they do a generally thankless task and deserve two extra squares!

What if someone is abusing their voting?
It's quite difficult to abuse the voting system

  • You can only vote on a user once within 20 votes
  • You can only vote 10 times per day
  • Depending on your own rating, you can only have a small impact on an overall reputation for a user
  • Only Moderators can cast a negative vote

If you feel there is a problem with your reputation, please notify a Moderator and we will look into it.

Should you receive comments that are abusive, offensive or threatening, that is quite a different matter. If that happens, please contact the Admin Team.

Canvassing for votes is grounds for a reputation reset to zero - or even into negative numbers - for any user involved

Oooh look UserX has been bad........
The idea of User Reputations is to provide a method for our members to provide constructive feedback to each other.

If you have something to say about another user's reputation, please say it directly to them. It's not a competition and it's not something that should be a subject for public discussion! Remember, many people will never vote and reputations may never change!

This comes back to our Posting Guidelines - treat others as you would like to be treated!

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