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White flag man should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridWhite flag man should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid

Originally Posted by johngee
I was the Observer in 1990 on the elevated marshal's post in the middle of the dual carriageway pretty much in the centre of the first of the Peter Barwell Hill photos. I remember being supplied, through the wire fence, with tea (and nothing else!) by some 'interesting' young ladies from the flats on the left of picture. We gathered they were in the 'personal services' industry and were pretty hacked off that the race was not bringing in the expected increase in business!
I believe, without looking it up, that the race was won by Eric Van de Poel but Im sure somebody will jump in and tell me I'm wrong.
Hi Johngee,
thanks for the info' about Peter Swinger, never met the man, but the book is great.
You're absolutely right , Eric van de Poele did win in a Cosworth Reynard 90D and second was Andrea Chiesa in a Mugen powered Lola T90/50.
You're right again, I did look it up!
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