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Late Post

Sorry, where have I been!!

I've just found all of my late Dad's paperwork from when he drove Noel Gibb's T222 in 1982.

Sorry if this duplicates some fo the information already posted but I thought it might make intersting reading and with the current situation with FIA papers and having evidence this is all information from 1982.

The car was loaned FOC to Dad and was originally described as having 430bhp, but the engine could be swapped for a 500+bhp fuel injected engine and was to be raced for the season, whilst advertised for sale but it was not to be sold until after the GP support race at the earliest.

"Lola T222. HU7, 1971, colour red, engine number 286M39T0010.
Monocoque NS4/L72, Hewland LG600, Brakes - Girling Discs, 12" 3pot. Wheels - Front 10.5" x 15", rear 17" x 15", Tyres - front 24x11x15, rear 27x14x15", Engine - Chev 302, 4995, bore 4", stroke 3", 2.2"in, 1.9" ex, carrillo rods, forged true pistons, Mackay inlet manifold".

There is also quite a lot of technical and dyno spec of the engine from Alan W. Smith Racing which Dad had carried out, but I don't want to bore too much!!

Well I hope that helps confirm/deny some information about the car and if there is ever any written proof of the above needed I have it all here.
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