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FIRE has a real shot at the podium!FIRE has a real shot at the podium!FIRE has a real shot at the podium!FIRE has a real shot at the podium!FIRE has a real shot at the podium!
1Andy Priaulx (GBR) BMW Team UK (Racing Bart Mampaey)BMW 320siConfirmed
2Jörg Müller (GER) BMW Team Germany (Schnitzer Motorsport)BMW 320siConfirmed
3Augusto Farfus (BRA) BMW Team Germany (Schnitzer Motorsport)BMW 320siConfirmed
4Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) BMW Team Italy-Spain (ROAL Motorsport)BMW 320siConfirmed
5Félix Porteiro (ESP) BMW Team Italy-Spain (ROAL Motorsport)BMW 320siConfirmed
6Alain Menu (SUI) Chevrolet Racing (Ray Mallock Ltd)Chevrolet LacettiConfirmed
7Nicola Larini (ITA) Chevrolet Racing (Ray Mallock Ltd)Chevrolet LacettiConfirmed
8Rob Huff (GBR) Chevrolet Racing (Ray Mallock Ltd)Chevrolet LacettiConfirmed
9Gabriele Tarquini (ITA) SEAT Sport (Oreca?)SEAT León TDIConfirmed
10Yvan Muller (FRA) SEAT Sport (Oreca?)SEAT León TDIConfirmed
11Jordy Gené (ESP) SEAT Sport SEAT León TDIConfirmed
12Tiago Monteiro (POR) SEAT Sport SEAT León TDIConfirmed
13Rickard Rydell (SWE) SEAT Sport SEAT León TDIConfirmed
14Pierre-Yves Corthals (BEL)IExagon EngineeringSEAT LeónConfirmed
15TBAIRacing for BelgiumTBA (SEAT León?)Confirmed
16Franz Engstler (GER)IEngstler MotorsportBMW 320siConfirmed
17Andrej Romanov (RUS)IEngstler MotorsportBMW 320siConfirmed
18Stefano D'Aste (ITA)IProteam MotorsportBMW 320siConfirmed
19Sergio Hernández (SPA)IProteam MotorsportBMW 320siConfirmed
20Danilo Dirani (BRA)IARCA Racing TeamSEAT León Likely
21Claudio Cantelli jr (BRA)IARCA Racing TeamSEAT LeónLikely
22Mikael Nykjær (DEN)IPoulsen MotorsportBMW 320si2 or 3 races
23Kristian Poulsen (DEN) IPoulsen MotorsportBMW 320si2 or 3 races
24Melvin Choo (SIN)IMelvin ChooBMW 320siJAP & MAC
25James Thompson (GBR) N.TechnologyTBA (Honda Civic?)Confirmed
 TBA (Tielemans?) N.TechnologyTBA (Honda Civic?)Rumour
 Tom Coronel (NED) SEAT Team Holland (GR Asia?)SEAT LeónLikely
 TBAIGR AsiaSEAT LeónLikely
 TBAIWiechers SportBMW 320siLikely
 TBAIRussian Bears MotorsportBMW 320iRumour
 TBAIRussian Bears MotorsportBMW 320iRumour

Any news/rumours about SEAT Sport Italia (Colciago, Pedala?), 2nd car Exagon (Magalhaes, Beltoise?)?

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