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knighty should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridknighty should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
R18 - great news!!!

sorry to say this but looking at the 2011 LMP1 regulations there appears to be only 1 clear route for a manufacturer in terms of the best performance advantage over the rest of the field........I expect audi and Peugeot to go down the 3.7 Litre V8 diesel route, because it will have a significant torque advantage over a 2.0 gasoline engine, but untill they announce the restrictor and boost pressures I'm just guessing.......I really dont expect any manufacturer / OEM to go down the 3.4 NA route for a significant works programme, yes there will be the likes of Judd/Zytek.......even HPD are making significant noises that they are developing a bespoke turbo V6 for IRL which will quite likley carry accross to LMP1.......well thatsmy 2 pence worth for today.......great news tho!
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