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Originally Posted by DJJ View Post
As it stands the current cars have 2 years left as the championship class, the new cars will not run with the tier 1 series.

Mark will correct me if wrong, but that's how it stands at present.

Happy to say your right DJJ, the current NZV8's have been given two more seasons as the premier Championship Series by Motorsport New Zealand.

Their next season will start in November and more than likely finish at Hamilton in April next year.

The all new V8 SUPERTOURERS SERIES, starts in February 2012, so there is some overlap, however the dates should not clash.

Other than the initial cost of the new generation cars, they will be significantly less expensive to run than the old 'Taxis' and here in lies the conundrum for the old girls, spend more money to run cheaper car, or bite the bullet once and for all.

Change is never easy, however if you dont change you risk withering on the vine.

I own two of the old jiggers so I am keen to see them continue on as a feeder Series to the new generation cars, but time will tell if their is life in the old girls, I hope so but I am not waiting around to see.

Mark Petch.
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