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Originally Posted by alfacors View Post
How does the cost of the Quaife compare to a Hollinger?
Interesting to see the move to the 18 inch rims too, one up on the Aussies
The new Heavy Duty Quaife QBE69G retails for GB$6,595 about A$10,000, so its nearly half the price of the Hollinger. It is also a true sequential transmission, unlike the Holinger which is a converted H pattern rail transmission.

The QBE69G is designed to handle 750 BHP and 600 ftlbs of torque.

We spent some time evaluating this transmission including talking to owners of Dodge Vipers in the USA, some of them running well in excess of 750 BHP.

WE have a lot of testing in front of us, so I guess we will find out if there are any issues, well before the new Series gets underway in February next year.

Mark Petch.
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