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Originally Posted by fomoco View Post
Hopefully they do Kenny, but if the minority get there way, they may restrict the exhaust noise to less than 85 Db's, just like here, pity, loved the Group A and C bigbangers of th 70's, throaty exhaust thru corners , full boar down the straights, but as houses are built near circuits, Please Keep the noise down people. to many softies out there.

No such problems here in Gods-own, we even think that 95 Db is sacrilege!

Kenny, our 427 engines, spin another 600rpm higher that the current NZV8's, which are limited to 6400rpm, so with some clever plumbing on our side they should amazing roaring down the front straight at Puke.

Rest assured we know how important the exhaust noise is to fans, and if nesessary we will make however many exhaust systems it takes to get the job done.

Personally I cant wait to hear 20 plus big capacity 7 litre engines, rumbling down the hill, waiting to roar into action when the lights turn green.

Mark Petch.
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