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More on Original B17 F3 Cars

During the course of my research,apparently it has come to my attention that the sub contractor for all space frame type chassis produced for the factory from 1969 to 1970 were not produced by Arch Motors but by Racing Frames at Ware in Hertfordshire (who also produced the fabricated wishbones etc for Chevron)
Arch Motors being the sub contractor for all G.T. cars from B8 ,B16,19 ect to the first Monocoque which were done in house.
Also i would like to clarify the B17 F3 cars built in 1970.
CHASSIS 1. The Peter Hanson Car .
Last used by Peter at Interlagos in the Brazilian Temperado seriies up to breaking his neck in a freak swimming accident in the winter of 1970. But loaned to Mike Beuttler.
History sketchy but now resides in Japan in a collectors hands.

CHASSIS 2. The Norman Foulds (N.e.r.o. team 1) Car.
Last used by Norman towards the end of 1970,subsequently purchased by myself from Norman (Fleetwood Lancs) as a rolling chassis Jan 1971 to the end of 1977 useing a variety of engines for Sprints & Hillclimbs.
Sold to Graham Brown compete & on the button from the Perth Area in Scotland.
1 comfirmed F.T.D. at Doune.
Graham emigrated to Australia in the early 1980s possibly taking the car with him.

CHASSIS 3. The Barrie Maskell (N.e.r.o. team 2) Car
Used by Barrie somewhat later in the season,(up till then he was still useing his B15 in N.e.r.o. Livery) prior to taking late delivery.
Used by Barrie successfully in Europe post Monaco.
Last used by Barrie at Port Alegri (Salvatti killed in same race)
The chassis in Barries words after winters Temperado series totally knacked & bent like a banana. see
Further history unknown.

CHASSIS 4. The Bert Hawthorne Car.
This was a semi works car for Bert to concentrate on British F3 Championships. Chassis written off at Oulton Park after a coming together with Dave Walker at Knicker Brook in practice for the British Empire Trophy. Bert never drives the repaired car again in 1970 but is offered employment by Fred Opert firstly as a race intructor at Operts Bridgehampton race school Stateside.
Fred arranges for the car to be repaired in the winter of 1970 & has the complete car shipped over to the U.S.A.
Car sold to Ron Coln as an F.C. car in 1971.
Ron similarly wrecks the car at Road Atlanta sustaininig ankle damage.
Repaired at Operts workshops,Ron exchanges it for a truck.
Further history unknown.

CHASSIS 5. The Jurg Dubler Car.
This again was a semi works car but with Jurg supplieing the Engines with his ties with Novamotor.
This car / driver combination to concentrate on all International F3 Events at home & abroad.
3 International wins plus numerous podium finishes placed this chassis the most successful B17 of the 1970 Season.j
Jurg last raced the car in the Temperado series in Brazil prior to the chassis being returned to the factory in early 1971.
Fully overhaulled & sold...... buyer unknown.

CHASSIS 6. The Rolf Reisen Car.
Sold purely as a rolling chassis to the German speaking side of Switzerland.
Used infrequently in 1970 by Rolf in Geman & Italian events.
Currently owned & raced frequently by Jurg Tobler from Basle in F3 Historic races in Europe as well as the u/k
Jurg has the full history on this car.

CHASSIS 7. The Chris Skeaping Car.
Self built by Chris in 1970 1 wet win at Thruxton.
Converted & run by him in 1971 when the F3 Regulations changed from 1 litre restricted to 1.6. litre restricted.
Further history uncertain but now owned by Tony Mantle & driven by Nigel Bancroft in U/K/ Peter Hanson Trophy events.

CHASSIS 8. The Ken Sedgley Car.
Now owned & frquently driven by David Pullen ( Secretary of the Classic Racing Car Section of the H.S.C.C.)

David has now owned the car after an extensive renovation a number of years ago.
This car has its full documented history !

Chassis 9. The Carlo Scarambone Car.
This car was supplied as a rolling chassis & Mk8 Hewland gearbox only as a replacement for a B15 chassis.
Carlo debuted the car at Imola in Sept 1970 which he kept up tp 1972. Rarely venturing out of Italy.
Unfortunately there seems to be no known history after this!

The above cars were the factories official record at that time.

With Racing Frames being the in period supplier i am sure that unofficial chassis came out of their old premises in Ware.

Indeed many of the periods racing fraternity used them for unofficial chassis repair work.

N.B. All photos remain the property of the persons involved.

Attached Thumbnails
Chevron B17s under construction in early 1970.The White car in the background is #F3.70.2. desti.jpg   B17 # No   F3.70.2. photo taken in 1974 fitted with1.6L Swindon F.Atlantic B.D.A..jpg   Ref.ex Bert Hawthone B17 #  F3.70.4..jpg  

Ron Coln # F3.70.4    Road Atlanta F.C.RACE 1971.jpg   Letter from Jurg Dubler..jpg   Jurg Dubler Semi Works B17 # F3.70.5      G.P.BRNO (CZ) 1970.jpg  

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