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Originally Posted by Spyderman View Post
Mike Fuller reporting that Penske has in fact signed deal to run P1 Porsche - " Penske HAS signed deal to run Porsche LMP1; BUT, crew is openly being solicited for Germany. Seems then WEC 4 Penske/Porsche" - Mike Fuller
Understand the underlying importance here isn't the Penske/Porsche connection, my tweet isn't necessarily confirmation of that, but that a team is being set up by Penske to be run out of Germany (so I'm told: current Penske employees are being solicited for this team with the stipulation that they live in Germany). THAT's the important fact here, thus seemingly rubbishing the hopes that we'd see a Porsche LMP1 run over here either in USCR (somehow) or in this supposed break away series.

Yes, there's a leap of faith to an extent here: the team could simply be heading to Germany to assemble their cars. But that was addressed inasmuch as there was little indication this would be temporary (a few weeks). It was said as though it would be a permanent transfer (the length of the program). But note, there's been no denial about WHY Penske personnel would be heading to Germany (though at this rate I do fully expect a Porsche PR press release or direct email denying everything I've stated above...).

So don't go looking for the Penske/Porsche press releases, those aren't out yet, and probably won't be till the end of the season. But Penske IS setting up a team to run a Porsche LMP1 out of Germany. Plus there is one other tidbit I'm sitting on for now that reinforces the active Penske/Porsche connection.
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