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mdaro should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
Realistically USCR won't be very different than ALMS unless management USCR goes Waaayy overboard with race-to-race BoP to keep DPs competitive.

(I don't care which class wins, btw, so long as one class isn't crippled to allow another to win, and then a switchback, and all that.)

The P2s will be there, and if the DPs are too, that's fine; either than can match the pace or lose. GTE will be there, and GTC will be improved (IMO) by changing to GTD---more variety, something most of us have wanted all along.

We'll see if fan access (open paddocks, grid walks) remain, and I am Not happy about losing both TV and streaming for the races, but otherwise ...

Sure, losing a couple of the top teams (Dyson hasn't been lately, but that have been there since before forever) would really suck.

I hadn't heard that Dyson was dropping out, though ... only that they were easing up in 2013 to focus on the future.
I talked to Rob Dyson, Chris Dyson and James Weaver this past weekend and all three said the same thing. There are no plans to run the current car next year. They have not been told yet by IMSA what changes would be needed. I asked about moving to P2 and both Rob and Chris said that's an option but neither sounded like that was the direction they were heading. It really seemed to me that they were preparing everyone for no Dyson car next year. All three said almost the exact same thing (rehearsed?), " It's going to be a shame next year without us on the grid. We feel we've contributed a lot to the paddock and the series."

I have to believe at this point we won't see Dyson in the series next year.
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