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FormulaFox is heading for a stewards' enquiry!
My most reliable source has told me that a meeting in Paris between P1-L/P2 manufacturers and the ACO got extremely heated over the lack of interest in P1-L. It was made very clear that the teams have no interest in committing P1-L since it is to be revamped in 2017/18 and they don't have the slightest inkling of what will change. The anger over the restricted P2 class also came to a head, with the fact that the Gibson spec P2 engine won't be ready until LATE 2016 causing a boilover of the existing tensions.

The ACO has promised to evaluate the concerns brought up by the teams, come up with a NEW plan, and present it in another meeting in the near future.

Restricted P2 looks like it may already be on the way out.
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