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Coach Ep has a real shot at the podium!Coach Ep has a real shot at the podium!Coach Ep has a real shot at the podium!Coach Ep has a real shot at the podium!Coach Ep has a real shot at the podium!
The P3 announcements for next year have been coming like nothing before so I spend a little time lining them up - the numbers are absolutely unbelievable!

19 cars announced - 18 Ligiers! (Lanan the only one so far to have confirmed sticking with Ginetta)
3 more cars expected: 2x G-Private with a couple of Adess cars + RLR/University of Bolton will most likely continue with their Ginetta (they add a new Ligier as well)
12 more cars could be possible entries, again most of them Ligiers (8) with 2 Ginettas and a single Adess. Also one still undecided (Murphy). Without a doubt some of those entries will not materialize, we might see some in French GT/P3.

But with 12-15 P2s and around 10 GTE's expected we could see grid bolstering to 40-45 (or maybe even more?) cars!

It's clear ELMS is returning to its glory days of the mid-2000s!

AF Racing (SMP)BR 11 
Algarve ProLigier 1  
DC RacingLigier1   
EurAsiaOreca 11 
GraffLigier  1 
GreavesGibson/Oreca1  1
IbanezOreca  2 
IDECLigier  1 
JotaGibson/Oreca1  1
KrohnLigier 1  
MorandMorgan/Ligier?   1
MurphyOreca 1  
PegasusMorgan 11 
Race PerformanceOreca  1 
Signatech AlpineOreca   1
TDS ThirietOreca 1  
AKKA ASP?Ligier?  1 
BA EquipeLigier1   
DC RacingLigier1   
DuqueineLigier  1 
Extreme LimiteLigier1   
G-PrivateAdess 2  
IMSA?Ligier?  1 
Murphy?  1 
N'RaceLigier  2 
Panis-Barthez/Tech1Ligier1 1 
Prime LuxGinetta  1 
RiviereLigier  1 
Speed FactoryLigier2   
Sport Garage?Ligier?  1 
Team All SportsAdess  1 
VillaorbaGinetta  1 
Yil/DonovanLigier  1 
Yvan MullerLigier2   
AF Corse/AT RacingFerrari 22 
BeechdeanAston Martin 1  
CrubilePorsche  1 
Formula RacingFerrari 1  
Gulf UKPorsche/Aston Martin   2
IMSAPorsche  1 
JMWFerrari 1  
KesselFerrari  1 
LabreCorvette   1
ProspeedPorsche   1
ProtonPorsche 1  
SMPFerrari 1  
SofrevFerrari  1 
TDS? 1  
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