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Normally I wouldn't pass this along since it comes from a source so unreliable that I'm convinced he just pulls things out of his @$$, but it's too interesting a notion to not talk about.

"Rumor" is that Oreca has been lobbying the IMSA LMPC teams to adopt their idea for new LMPC: A version of their stillborn CN design altered to run the same Chevy V8 the current PC cars run.

Oreca's CN design is one of only two closed-top CN cars ever devised(the other being the Ligier JS55), but it came as the CN boom began to taper off so nobody was interested, and to my knowledge Oreca never even built a test mule. But the CFD was done, and the data could almost certainly be dusted off to be adapted in such a manner.

It's an interesting proposal if one wants to keep PC a spec class, but I'd still rather see IMSA straight adopt LMP3. Although, it's certainly an interesting looking design;

What do you all think?
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