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peckstar has a lot of promise if they can keep it on the circuit!
Originally Posted by Umai Naa View Post
How is Mike Jacobson, if that is his real name, not a member on here? He'd fit in well with the other argumentative types... But I digress.

Mr Warburton has done a lot for settling down the upheaval from the Archer Capital buy-out. The TV deal, whilst not ideal, was in my opinion probably the best they could've done at the time. Sure, not great for the viewing public, but it saved the catagory, so that those who could watch it, had something to watch...
I had always assumed Mike and DRT are the same people

But yes agree with your main comment. for those with fox the pacakage has been amazing and without doubt the best we have ever had, But there are those who it has not been as good for
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