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crooky should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridcrooky should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Roninho View Post
He spend years in court. His former sponsor (Muermans) sued him for millions claiming that the sponsorship was actually not a sponsorship but a loan. Doornbos won the case earlier this year, but since he spend years on this his career is over.

Some of the info in the case was pretty bizarre. Doornbos and his manager were not in the meeting with red bull for a contract the testing role in f1. Muermans was doing the contract talks and Doornbos was waiting outside. At the end Muermans comes out of the meeting saying it is a deal! Doornbos and his manager happy. During the ride home/to the airport they then find out that Muermans agreed to pay like 7 million euro for the test gig @ red bull. Which Doornbos felt was more then enough to get an actual ride in f1 at another team.
Apparently Muermans (a project developer) was working on a big project in Austria and wanted the red bull connection badly.
Interesting thanks. Still got my Robert Doornbos cap somewhere... The choice was either that or one of them horrible red Mclaren hats.
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