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Originally Posted by OZ_HCR32 View Post
I call BS on Lewis being happy to let it happen. He sooks endlessly when team mate is pushing him. ie Rosberg, Button at Spa and data tweets etc. He has been at his happiest with Heiki and Valteri....I wonder why?

He has been talking a lot recently about chats with Toto about team dont stress me
And he even throws it out there Danny Ric need to beat Max first... yeah, he has - Max is the real deal, but... scoreboard
(not just points but qual, fast laps, everything)

I think Lewis leaned a lot from his year with Alonso, he saw what the best driver does wrong and what the costs are ongoing. Smart guy to use everything to his advantage, and a strong team mate where you are not clear number 1 is not to his advantage
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