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TuteZaek should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
During the 60s Argentina had an amazing racing scene that had its apex in the 1969 Sport Prototipo Argentino, which basically evolved from the Turismo Carretera.
The series cars (and its TC predecesors, that inspired the new championship, like the Liebres and Trueno Naranja) had almost every trick available, even some primitive active aero, Pronello, a prol?*fic racing engineer/car builder and one of the promoters was really proud of the "Almost no rules" approach of the series.
It folded in 1973, the costs prevented anyone other than the oficial teams to participate, and finally not even them could afford the rythm. The series ate itself.
"No rules" tends to end in that.

And thats only on the costs side.
If we go on the technical side, lets say that, no rules present, ill get that 80kg squishy ballast and its asociated protections of my racecar, since we're reaching the point where the human factor Is the l?*mit.
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