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Originally Posted by joeb View Post
Thanks for the info. Running without either chicane would be madness. I saw on a Jaguar story that PJ Jones has the all time lap record at Lime Rock of 43 seconds, but that was without either chicane. so I was thinking maybe they were removing the chicanes to make the old guy comfortable!
That Jag lap was with the pre 2008 iteration of the track with the concrete uphill chicane just at the crest of the uphill. None the less, a very quick lap. I believe in 2007 one of the RS Spyders did a lap in the 44's, and that was during a practice session. Qualifying was rained out that year. I think the new uphill chicane is slightly slower than the old uphill chicane, and with the slower cars, I think we'll see 47's or 48's from the LMP1 machines.
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