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Alan52 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridAlan52 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
ARDC destroys Muscle Car Masters

Since 2005 the Muscle Car Masters has been one of the most enjoyable dates on Australia's motor racing calendar.This year the ARDC has decided to wreck the joint.
They have announced they are running a 6 Hour combined Production Car/Prodsports/Improved Production race at the meeting split into 2 3 hour races with one on each day.If you don't immediately realise how ridiculous this is let me give you a few reasons
1This is a historic car based meeting
22-3 of the existing historic categories will have to be axed to make time on the schedule
3None of the top Production car teams will run partially because they are mixed in with other categories and partially because it is only a few weeks before the final round of their national series
4 Very few people want to watch long distance Production racing.When 3-4 hour events have been held there on Nationals programs most people have either left at or just after the start if it was in the afternoon or arrived when it was finishing if it was in the morning.
5Muscle Car Masters is not a cheap ticket only about $10 less than a Supercar round at the track.I think most of the crowd will decide it is not worth the money for half a days historic sprint racing and stay home
6There was little competitor support for this race concept when it was scheduled for January and was cancelled due to lack of entries
The ARDC press release for this talks about it being a "good fit" for the MCM.No it isn't.
I have been a member of the ARDC for over 40 years and never thought they could make a decision as stupid as their sign off on the track extensions which wasted $10 mill on a piece of road where speeds were more suited to a car park rather than a race track but this comes close.
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