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Jim Lamb should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Hi, I'm Jim. Lapsed Marshal, Rescue Crew & MSA Instructor.

Due to work and family committments I've done very little in the last two Years. Having previously driven the majority of the UK Circuits in a VAN! (Rescue Vehicle)and attended a fair few track Days as part of the Safety Crew with 'Wheeltorque'.

I have wonderful memories of visiting some fantastic Tracks across Europe. Spa, the 'Ring'(Nordschliefe), Dijon, Mas Du Clos, Issoire, Clermont Ferrand to name a selection. The experience of driving round these tracks, even in Course/Safety cars is totally unforgettable.

Have been pondering the Idea of a Track Day car for some time now and thougts about taking the plunge this Year, with a 205 Pug or Astra GTE.

Have previously done stupid things on Rallies with various Escort and Fiesta setups so I think I know where I'm going and Initial setup will be Safety kit then Suspension and brakes to get the handling sorted, before any power mods.

Also visiting the States this year and the Richard Petty experience is already booked! Can't wait!

Regards, to you all, stay safe out there.....

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