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mivec should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by FIRE View Post
On facebook of RX Inside a reaction from someone who says also Höljes and Buxtehude will be replaced.
Last year Buxtehude was to crowded.
They have problems with carparks, so people parked cars on the road...
This is no advantage for next years.

Also, how much track do you see in Buxtehude?
Buxtehude is a great track, but WRX is way to big.

On the other hand, DTM and WRX in Hockenheim split, because WRX was in the shadow.
Now DTM needs other serries to fill the program. (no more Audi cup, no Porsche cup...) This could be the right time to go back to Hockenheim.
Great RX track, great for watching, seen some great racing there!
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