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My reading of the regs is that App K 5.7.1 says that circuit cars must be equipped with at least a hand operated (manual) extinguisher complying with App J 253.7.3 (;ast updated 8 Marc 2011) but a system homolgated by the FIA per 253.7.2 (referring to Tech List 16 -recommended systems - last updated 10 Sept 2010) is recommended.

This can be taken to mean that an approved Tech List 16 system is preferred but a 253.7.3 hand held manual is a minimum (ie, both are not required).

Looking at 253.7.3, at 7.3.3, it says that manual extinguishers must have various minimum capacities (eg AFFF, 2.4l). It actually says 'Minimum quantity of extinguishant' and then lists them, but this is para 7.3.3 and therefore as a subclause to 7.3 must only apply to 7.3 which is headed 'Manual extinguishers', as opposed to para 7.2 which is headed 'Systems mounted' and therefore applies to mounted (and not manual) extinguishers.

This analysis is confimed (in my mind at least) by para 7.3.6 which says that they must withstand 25g deceleration force, and this requirement is repeated in para 7.2 2. The former requirement therefore only applies to 7.3 (manual) extinguishers because the latter requirement has already applied to 7.2 (mounted) extinguishers.

Ipso facto, para 7.3.3 only applies to 7.3 (manual) ectinguishers.

The upshot of all this is that, for circuit races, a Tech List 16 approved system (eg Lifeline Zero 2000 homologated system) remains acceptable.

I think.

Jeremy, do you agree with this analysis please?
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