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A tuner can homologated an engine as far as I know. For example a Judd engine from Engine Developments ltd is a BMW block, with no relation to factory BMW Motorsport. How it works if say Oreca wanted to build its own engines, it would be fine as a manufacturer from what I know (like HPD). But for a team such as Murphy prototypes to make their own engine wouldn't be allowed as the principal of P2 is that it's customer teams.

In essence a P2 team has to buy from what is available as far as I know. The best thing to do is to get a proven engine, that the team can afford.
Anyone listed as a "tuner" could in theory homologate an engine:

"A Homologation Form must be filled by the Manufacturer or the tuner (*) and validated after the contradictory inspection carried out by the Homologation Group.
(*) The Endurance Committee should accept tuners presenting the best records.
These tuners should however get a favourable opinion from the Manufacturer to carry out such a project and the engine should not have the name of the Manufacturer."

Long story short: A "tuner" could get an engine homologated as long as it's based on a production engine, made in minimum 1000 units, and be from a GT or large production car.
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