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Originally posted by Jeremy Jackson
Thanks Michael,

The only reference I had from Autosport was the '74 Interserie report, which wasn't a lot of good.

The "from Italy" bit puts a bit of a spin on things...I guess the weak link is the 1981 Autosport article where HU4 was only "thought to be" ex-Lord.

Autosport's photos of the Mallock ex-Lord car in 1983 (I assume you've got access to those Michael?) show the roll-over bar extended to full width from the original, as in the picture I have of Casoni at Monza 73.

I can scan the Autosport photos, including the one from March 1981, if they help. Let me know.

Would like to see any scans of photos you have, as I don't have my Autosports to hand and they only go up to the end of 1982...

Try checking out this weblink of a mystery T2**:

It looks like a T280 or T290 to me. Having had a close look it appears there are no inlet trumpets or no ducting for the inlet trumpets of a DFV, whereas there is ducting on (as you look at it) the right side of the top surface of the rear bodywork suggesting maybe a 2-litre car? They suggest it was taken in 1972, so if it was a T280 could be Gaspar but wrong sponsor name, perhaps Takahara? Not sure about which car it is but look at the roll-over bar/hoop, it is full-width and symmetrical.

Incidentally, the pics I have of the Casoni car and the Rouvreyan car in 1973 both show cars with full width roll-over bars/hoops so I don't quite know what the significance of this is going to be. As far as I can make out, both the works cars had this mod from (IIRC) Spa 1972 onwards in the case of the one car they raced there (HU01 IIRC?) and Le Mans 1972 for the second one, not sure about the Gaspar car as I haven't seen a pic of this car yet. Similarly, the pics I have of the Lord car racing in 1974 all show a car with a symmetrical full width roll bar/hoop.



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