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Marcus Mussa should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridMarcus Mussa should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
Hi Dave, Iain asked if I could help. I cannot help much with the rebuild, although I can confirm the engine goes in the back (!) and the gearbox comes from a Hillman Imp (Jack Knight). The car I bought was the ex Keith something (? I can check my notes) VB1 prototype car. It would have started life with a motorcycle engine. I bought it from Giorgio Costa, who got it from Bob Jarvis and sold it indirectly to Mike Wilds, again via Bob Jarvis. Bob is the one who probably knows the most about Vixens, everything seemed to go through him and Pat Longhurst. Bob is still around I believe, he was in South London, so go there armed.
My car had 10 inch. Mini wheels at the front (with Dunlops) and 13 inch. at the back (with Firestones). It ran Reece Fish carburettors, but some cars had Strombergs or Webers. Another person who might know is Ron Parker (I met him at Castle Combe in 2013), so he is still around, and I have an email address for him.
I was contacted about the same time by a Myles Castaldini who was rebuilding a Vixen Imp and I think was on Ten Tenths as well.
Good luck anyhow, Marcus
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