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duke_toaster should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridduke_toaster should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
Originally Posted by Roninho View Post
That is the disadvantage of all these series, everyone invests enormous amounts of money in new cars that are used for maybe 3 years. There are worthless cars from A1gp, champcars, f3000, world series by nissan, Formula nippon, etc. that ran just a couple of months/years ago.

Just imagine that the fia would have mandated a new rulebook 10 years ago which would offer a racing serie 4 different types of technical rules. The start-up level (a la Formula ford), the junior level (a la formula 3 or wsr), the 2nd division (a la f3000/gp2) and the toplevel (f1).

Any new serie would only be allowed to receive FIA-approvel if they ran 1 of these technical packages. ...
I largely agree with the exception of details. There are far too many series, and it would be best if the system was pared down to four series, like you propose (however, I would ensure that the bottom step is slicks and wings unlike FFord). In an ideal world, the structure for single seaters (with the exception of IndyCars et al, who can plod along themselves) would be for national FJnr, zonal or national F3 (with a continental Grand Slam), continental F2 (with a world final) and F1. By F2 I'm not talking about the current one, and F3 would need substantial reform.

Irritatingly someone might think of European Commission issues, which would be unfortunate. It doesn't stop other sporting bodies actually making rules - we would laugh if the IRB were banned from regulating what sort of boots the players wear, the FIA should be able to limit equipment in their sport too.
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