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Originally Posted by Richard Casto View Post
Other than working out of his house, that describes most executives. What did the structure look like below him? Everyone can't report to the top.

Note, I am not trying to take anything away from him. I have no doubt he is a force. I am just saying, no single individual can do it all in a sizable organization.


Richard, that was all there was as far as running FOM was concerned; one could almost say it was one man and his dog! There was no one other than his PA. FOM only expanded beyond the two of them from the moment that Liberty took over, leasing grand office space in the most expensive part of London, and taking on loads of staff to do all the work that, basically, one man had done before.

Of course, he also employed others, such as the team that drove, erected and worked in his hospitality unit at meetings. But as far as any work connected with how F1 was run commercially was concerned, it was pretty well all done personally by Mr E. He, single-handed, negotiated all contracts, from Concorde Agreements to circuit sanctioning fees to track side advertising, and so on.
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