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Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
Hard to find on TV is the problem ... I have seen them live a couple times and it is usually high-action, but I have never tried to actually follow the series online and on TV to always know who was doing what.

The way the rest of North American racing is going, PWC might be getting a Lot of new fans.
Yeah the TV package is abysmal, and although all the races are available online at they aren't so user friendly. They are up pretty much right away though. It'd be nice if they uploaded to Youtube, and they have a Youtube channel, but no races.

Originally Posted by rich07 View Post
Any idea as to World Challenge entries?

Will Randy Pobst be back with volvo?
That I'm not sure of, I'd imagine he will be though.

Originally Posted by WMUCarGuy View Post
Hoping they'll get GTS sorted out and get the Boss 302s a bit more competitive next year!
Yeah they need to rein in the turbos in GTS a bit. Those Kias were way fast this year...

Originally Posted by joeb View Post
About time somebody allows gt3 cars to run in the US (grand-am not withstanding). That would really be a good direction for the series to go in. I'm excited to see who shows up and with what. I know there are some Audi's ready to race, and I haven't filled WC much this year but haven't there already been some gt3 spec cars running?
GMG has a couple Audi R8 LMS cars. They've run a few times and per James Sefronas on a WC video it's box-stock as it runs in GT3 but has a slightly smaller restricter and a little less front / rear splitter / wing.

Another interesting thing I saw the other day: Fabryse from GMG put up a pic on Instagram the other day of a turbo motor going into one of their GT3 Cup WC race cars.
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