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betablocker should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
all lmp cars are trying to move as much weight towards the front of the car to get front tyre temps up and use bigger front tyres, see all pics with bulges on arches and acura lmp1 car. from my experiance a diesel engine is extremely heavy even a racing one, whichj puts more weight on the rear tyres.

also putting oil in a bellhousing, is heated by the engine and gearbox, and could be more difficult to cool, needing bigger heat exchangers and coolers than if it was situated at the bulkhead only heated by the engine.

the amount of oil burnt off during a race though is minor, at lemans you may put 4 litres of oil in a car during the race. the full blown racing engines i worked on were using something like a litre every 4/5hrs
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