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Originally Posted by djinvicta View Post
Beyond belief in this crazy F1 age that a "reserve driver" hasn't been in a F1 car for 3 years...
Agree. It's also beyond belief that in this crazy age of F1 safety - that the FiA and FOM would allow a driver that has not driven the car, or an F1 car for over 3 years at that, onto the track along with all the other drivers also at full race speeds! It's quali and the race, so unlike a FP session, all drivers will be as fast as possible to beat the clock.

Surely there was a cause on safety rounds to allow Paul 10-15 minutes on track by himself before quali to familiarise himself with the car?? Or even before the race begins even?? That little time on track would give DiResta at least a small chance to get to know the car, and make it safe for him and the other drivers to be on the track together when all are at racing speeds.

We have the FiA wanting to attach a G-string to all cars because it's going to "make it safe" for the drivers, but are happy to let a driver that has never driven a 2017 car, which are the fastest F1 cars ever, on track for the first time with all the other drivers for a qualifying session! Safety??... Yea right.
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