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Originally Posted by crmalcolm View Post
Also you claim he hasn't driven an F1 car for over 3 years - wasn't he helping Stroll earlier this year with a 2014 car? If you're going to make claims about the lack of experience at least make them accurate!
Read my post again. I said...
Originally Posted by F1Guy View Post
..or an F1 car for over 3 years at that, onto the track along with all the other drivers also at full race speeds!
Agian, I was just saying that di Resta has not driven an F1 car at racing speeds for over 3 years with all the other drivers also at max speed.

Also, even though it has nothing to do with what I said, yes - I am well aware PDR has driven the 2014 car. He did 9 or 10 laps in the 2014 Williams earlier this year. But the 2014 car is a totally different beast to the 2017 car anyway- so your argument there is daft. And pointless. Even the best of the best F1 drivers would find it difficult after 3+ years away from racing F1.

If you're going to nitpick at someone's post, at least read the post accurately!
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