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Originally Posted by Tel 911S View Post

Deutsche Post are shutting down their Streetscooter factory .
They took over the business in 2014 to produce electric vans for their German postal service , DHL & Swiss postal delivery as well as a load ordered by Amazon .
Tens of thousands built but they are now closing the business down . No doubt the greens will blame everything else , but the simple fact is the vehicles were not up to the job . Frequently , [ especially in cold weather ] , the vehicles could not get back to the depot at nights .
Because the product is not a success , nobody wants to buy the electric vehicle business , so Deutsche Post / DHL is shutting it all down .
Not sure where you get the information that "frequently in cold weather the vehicles could not get back to the depot at night" from.

Especially seeing as they never got out of the test-phase here in Germany.

DHL/Post bought this start-up, put up a factory in Düren to construct them and built about 10.000, many of which were sold to smaller companies in Europe and in Japan .

They did not however manage to put them into use themselves.

In 2019 they discontinued the project for financial reasons after investing hundreds of million Euros , stating that they weren't equipped to be an automaker and that competition such as the E-Vito and E-Sprinter from Daimler which appeared since the development of the Streetscooter were more effective, being larger capacity to carry goods amongst the reasons.

In fact they sold the company back to the people who first developed it, who with all the newfound R&D now see more potential for the project.

This all from the local german newspapers which you can read and translate for yourself.

Even the article you've quoted yourself offers much of this information but seems you are intent on your own "interpretation".
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