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Originally Posted by Tel 911S View Post
According to Wiki , [ I know not always reliable ] , Deutsche post had 9000 in use by 2018.

So who knows where you get your " Facts " from .
Well my "facts" come from articles in Die Welt, Die Zeit, Aachener Nachrichten etc, as well as the very Wiki entry you just also quoted.

And you're absolutely right, I read the whole entry before... except I missed the picture on the side with the little caption.

And I also find it interesting indeed what information it leads to.

If you follow the footnote on the picture yes you're absolutely right, it leads to a 2019 interview from Focus magazine with Deutsche Post's CEO Frank Appell who said that they had some 9000 Streetscooters currently on the streets and others were being sold to third parties.

And as I said, since that time they have sold the entire operation back to the company which founded it.

The coronavirus issues you ridiculed earlier seems to have something to do with this very recent sale of the company.

I'm not getting a clear picture from the press what is going on there honestly, but it is a financial issue between those parties and little to do with the project itself.

So we're both right isn't that lovely?

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