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Originally Posted by jase
Hubble, Home Insurance will not cover you At All while you are using your equipment for reward. Is your equipment listed on your home policy? I doubt it. If you suffer a Total Loss what are you going to tell your insurer? It fell off the bed? You'll find yourself not covered. And the 'it'll never happen to me' approach will only last so long.

Also David raises another point - travel insurance, you'll find being a photographer trackside is deemed a 'hazardous pursuit' and unless specifically covered on your policy as Trackside Photographer, you Will Not be covered, even if you tell them what you are going to be doing and they say it isn't covered and you go ahead and travel on the policy and have an incident, you may find out they'll refuse any coverage.
Jase, Refer to my earlier post - I am an amateur covering events for a couple of websites and a couple of other photographers. I am required by my house insurance to list only items above £1500 in value, which I have, including serial numbers. They are aware of the circumstances in which I use the equipment, and are happy to accept the risk based on the information I have given them. What difference would it make if I dropped my 400mm f2.8 while photographing a car at a circuit or photographing ducks at a nearby pond? None, that's the answer, because it is not the location or type of photography that caused the damage, but me dropping it. I pay extrra on my premium for them to take this risk. If it's stolen from my car boot at a circuit, is it any different from being stolen from my car boot while I am shopping on my way home? Provided it is properly secured, and stored out of view, no. As regards overseas travel, I am required to notify them of periods I will be abroad with the equipment, which I do.
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