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AndreasDavour should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
I think quite a few drivers showed extra effort in this race. Occon's defence against Checo on a track where the DRS basically gave the positions away was nice, and Occon drove in general quite well. Lance Stroll did keep it together and together with Seb delivered well.

Lando drove a marvellous race. That's such a heartbreaker with a puncture after that race. I would have cried. He is getting better and better by the race.

But I was really happy to see Fast Freddie back on the podium! Alonso is my favourite driver and I have missed that sight of him at the top end of the grid at the end of the race. That was a masterclass.

Smart and well driven by Lewis and Max as well, but this was Fernando's day. Great stuff.
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