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Winkle, I lived within earshot of the original Aldershot stadium as a wee lad but never actually attended any meetings. The A331 Blackwater Relief Road was built through the site in early 93ish and I think any remaining trace of it was removed for housing around '99/00.

The new Aldershot Raceway is definitely a positive story for stock car racing in the UK. I visit a few times each year and had my first chance to race at the track in June in a Legend. The one thing that stands out is the number of paying spectators that are in attendance each meeting. 4000 people watched the first meeting there and each time I've been the crowd could definitely be measured in 3 figures, perhaps 4 on occasions. The events are also heavily promoted on 96.4 Eagle the week beforehand with ads outlining the specific classes racing on that weekend. I've been to a few other tracks where you know that everyone watching is related in one way or another to the competitors but Aldershot does seem to get a regular paying audience through the gate. Spedeworth have put in time with the facilities with the addition of a grass covered bank and covered stand (possibly rescued from the old Bovingdon track).
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