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chunder should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridchunder should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridchunder should be qualifying in the top 3 on the grid
ss collins it is rare I agree with you on anything but you have hit the nail on the head there.

Short oval racing is beset with insular politics and unjoined thinking, and if you try to tell them or expose their policies you are accused of ruining the sport or trolling as I have been for years now while exposing their garbage attitude.

One example, apparently BriSCA were invited to be at the Speedweek at Brands early doors but declined, why? Because Brisca do not promote any events near there and they would rather spend PR money wasting their time at the NEC every year to gladrag with suppliers! There are tracks near there, Arena, Ipswich, Wimbledon. It's just current BriSCA policy to keep within their group and keep the money to themselves. It might not do anything being at Brands, you can't really race, but it's an American themed weekend, NASCAR race there, most BriSCA drivers love NASCAR and buy their parts in America, see where I am going. Apparently BriSCA looked and decided against it, that is the type of thinking that is running my favourite sport!

Coventry stadium is also closing soon and their promoter spends all his time yabbering on about the Motofest thing they do there in the town centre, while he has 6 or 7 dates a year that instead of pushing to other venues on a Saturday night to try and increase their footprint will be sold to his favourite mates in the sport for their dates!

Wimbledon was never going to carry on with the emissions regs, it's why the big banger race was moved to Ipswich. The sad part is AFC have already ruined and taken over Kinsgtonians ground, and could have had the old Plough Lane a few years ago. And the even bigger irony is the MK Dons situation, it wasn't good enough for them years ago and now they want to come back as a shadow of themselves!

Problem is to local councils, you mention the word "houses" right now and you could build on a graveyard! That is how much of a timebomb housing is in London areas.

Crowds have not really increased winkle, Gears and Tears garnered interest on and off track, but BriSCA is now behind a paywall on Premier. And the laughable part of that is BriSCA pay nothing for it, it has to pay for itself and they will never put anything into it. It is this kind of insular, backward and actually destructive decision making that is causing a sport that could be very popular if pushed right, to just amble along making a small amount of poeple a living thanks very much.
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