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Salsin should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Autosport - and other motoring mags.

I have read motoring magazines for over 50 years; some occasionally, some fairly regularly and some on subscription - the latter to keep as "I might want to refer back to them".
About two years ago, when I was looking at a large pile of these magazines and realised that I actually never did look at them again, I decided that a reassessment was needed. The world is/has gone digital and that applies to magazines as well. I then discovered the subscription site "Readly" which, for £8 per month allows me to read Autosport, MN, Autocar, Auto Express, Motor Sport, Classic & Sports Car, Octane etc. etc. - plus all the mags on other subjects of interest to me, photography, genealogy, etc - plus newspapers.
I have to admit that I still prefer the feel and ease of reading of a printed mag. but in terms of value for money, I have no regrets about going digital. I now read more than I ever did before and I'm not contributing to trees being chopped down.
I have no idea how it works as a business model for the magazines but it must "work" otherwise they would not participate.
Mike Dodman
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