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Originally Posted by Born Racer View Post
Yes, I was facetiously referring to Vettel. Prost is certainly a sometimes underconsidered driver. He had great speed and the fact that he claims to have driven only at the necessary speed to win means he was quite canny. Having said that, he did seem to have trouble dragging results out of recalcitrant cars at times, although is that unfair? Would people say he achieved some really good results with difficult-handling cars? Only very few drivers get very strong results with dodgy cars.

He didn't seem to inspire awe in the way Senna did, but that's the romantic's thing speaking. The same with Villeneuve. I mean, many consider Villeneuve one of the greatest, but just look at the results. They're not there.

Re: Bottas, I'm a bit concerned he doesn't believe he can beat Hamilton. In the interview at the launch, he talked about doing his best and seeing what the results would be at the end of the year. It wasn't exactly world champion-talk. You want to hear him saying 'I'll do my best and at the end of the year, I think I can beat this guy standing next to me. If you hear the context of the question, you might expect a bit more fighting talk.
Prost beat the Williams pair and Senna in 1986 driving arguably a lesser package. Well it wasn't as quick anyway!

But some of that might also have been due to his not taking unecessary risks or percentage playing as you referred to?

Leads neatly onto GV who was the exact opposite. However we can point to his 1980 season in the T5 and more specifically 1981 to see when the results clearly flattered his Ferraris!

I don't think anyone else could have done what he did with the 126CK. The bloke never stopped trying but there are a few times when a little bit more patience could well have netted many more than his 6 wins.
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