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Originally Posted by bjohnsonsmith View Post
There was speculation that Benetton were using a driver aid, if it can be deemed as such, called ''launch control''. An investigation was carried out by LDRA Ltd. and subsequently the FIA in a press release said, the best evidence is that Benetton Formula Ltd. was not using "launch control''.

However, FIA Formula One Technical Delegate the late Charlie Whiting said, that in in accordance with Article 2.6 of the Formula One Technical Regulations, he was not satisfied Schumacher's car complied with the Regulations at all times during the San Marino Grand Prix, which would seem to contradict what the FIA were saying in their press release.
It's all a bit hard for me to form a definite opinion on it. I tend to go with a Frank Dernie interview I saw on youtube. He claimed there wasn't any traction control, but didn't deny something could've have been done with IT guys at Benetton that he didn't know about.

What I do know, without a doubt, is that the rules for 94 were to stop specifically the Williams domination. The just went a bit overboard with it, and it also affected McLaren/Hakkinen.
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