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masonx117 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Rye House endurance


Check out its the website for the Rye House Pro Kart championship, or look them up on facebook. They run a 4 hour endurance race on the second Saturday of every month.

Rye house is about an hour and a half from Whilton Mill and there are teams that travel from all over the country as it's probably the best championship for that type of racing.

If you can find a couple of mates so you've got 3 drivers, expect to put in about 150 each and that should cover: Tyres, fuel, entry fee, testing and a little spare for travelling/food/kart-costs/upgrades.

You will get 2 hours testing, 30 minutes qualifying and 4 hours of close racing. There is literally all types of competitor, from big teams spending lots of money to young guys turning up with a 500 kart and no experience.

There have been races won by 4 tenths of a second and at the last race I crossed the line fifth, 0.008 seconds ahead of our rival in the championship, after 4 hours of racing and 2 driver changes!

You won't want to go 2-stroke when you're having fantastic racing!
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