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SnoodyMcFlude should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridSnoodyMcFlude should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
As above, they don't really have lifing in the same way as other things, current regs for UK are:

9.1. Clean Flame-Resistant overalls, must be worn to cover
from ankle to wrist to neck.
Acceptable standards:
9.1.1. Racing:
FIA 8856-2000
9.1.2. Special Stage Rallies, Sprints and Hill Climbs:
FIA 8856-2000
FIA 1986 Standard
9.1.3. Karting:
As defined in U.13.3.
9.1.4. All Other Events (including overalls in accordance with
BS6249 part 1 Index A or B (but not part C).
EN533:1995 Index 3
ISO 14116
FIA 8856-2000
FIA 1986 Standard.
9.1.5. For FIA Standard Overalls the homologation label will
be stitched into the fabric of the garment or on a sewn in label.
For International use overalls must comply with: FIA 8856-
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