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thunders1989 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by andrewc View Post
A race team is only as good as its last set of results.

Many teams grow from family teams. The driver does well, wins races, regular podium visitor, championship contender. They then expand into running a second car, or the financial pressures mean driver takes a back seat from driving for a while but still wants to be involved - both ways there is a proven history of success which paying customers are happy to be associated with.

If you don't have the track record of success, it will be hard. You'll have to undercut the opposition due to lack of experience, and hope you get some good drivers to get you the good sets of results from which to build. The driver would be looking for you on how to go faster, so unless you've done it yourself, you'll need to have ready access to someone experienced with the cars in race trim to find those 1/10ths of second.
Ok some good advice there and I completely understand it is a tough proposition to get a customers buy in. Surely there are available race mechanics to hire who can assist in finding those 1/10ths?
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