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Zico should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by chunder View Post
Not sure I could ever use a seat setup, I would feel too much of a berK! but if its there maybe I would

I get on just fine with a G25 and a table thanks!
Thanks, yeah, I only bought it because I got the chance to buy a little piece of WRC history but I must admit that having a proper seat/frame does allow me to be much better on the brakes due to the Clubsport brake pedal having a load cell that can be set up pretty stiff.

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But some guys take this stuff really seriously, they wear gloves and boots! Makes me laugh really, for all the money they spend on kit they could havea go themselves!!
The amount of money some of them spend is incredible. In that you tube video I linked Remco has a 2.5k!! Bodnar FFB wheel which is a custom made sim racing wheel which uses a high torque 240v industrial motor from a milling machine. It produces 16 NM of torque and as you can see in the video after he spins and the wheel re-centres that he has to keep his thumbs outside the centre of the wheel.
He also built his own racing cockpit inc shifter in full 1:1 scale based on the Tyrell P34 from Alluminium/alloy. See-

Very OTT but a work of art nonetheless!

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Never tried 3D, not sure many games support it yet driving wise.
I don't actually use 3D, these Fullview3D dualplay glasses just allow me to see a 2D full sized screen when playing in split screen mode on my passive 3D TV

Originally Posted by chunder View Post
I get more than enough enjoyment out of a basic setup and last few times been up there with the quick guys, so must be halfway there!
Yep, getting up there beside the quick guys is what its all about and can actually be done on a low-ish budget.
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